Отзывы  из Международной академии классической гомеопатии Алонисос

A.F., Romania 2017 : As always, I am amazed about the courses here in Alonissos. The atmosphere is great and I appreciate the international community that is forming here…..The teaching of Prof. Vithoulkas and Kavouras is exceptional. I wish you all a long healthy life, full with joyful moments!

I. N., Romania 2017: I am very happy and thankful that I've come to this wonderful course, I think it is the best course to which I participate during my entire life.  I came in contact with Homeopathy through my disease. I am very glad that it happened this way and I feel like Jorgos Kavouras says about principles of Homeopathy, that “you go in that place were you belong”. I feel that this course will change my entire life to the best, not only in understanding at a much deeper level health and disease, but also in the approach of a patient also in allopathic medicine by all the mental/ emotional/ physical level.

D.M., Romania 2017: I think my prescriptions will be more improved after this course, because the materia medica review through live cases was very interesting. The levels of health are very easy to understand when Prof. Kavouras brings cases and practical cases to emphasize every level. How to treat the acutes was very important for me to know, because I had treated many children in my clinic; now I guess I understand when I made mistakes in their treatments. Thank you!


A. S., United States 2017: I found it inspiring and dynamic. I covered a lot if material that I have got in my original homeopathic training at my first school. The live cases with Prof. Vithoulkas are incredible and Jorgos Kavouras was a great teacher too. An enlightening course for beginners and advanced students!


S. C., Romania 2017: It was a professional delight to participate for 3 weeks at IACH. The report part showed a very high quality of teaching. The cases were presented and analyzed in depth and very clearly by Prof. Kavouras. Despite, graduating the complete course, participating in the A to Z course, refreshed and bettered my knowledge. The theory part was taught with the same professionalism, in the spirit of Prof. Vithoulkas, but with the familiarity of Prof. Kavouras, with which we are so used to. I would like to thank everyone for the tireless effort, so that we may enjoy the teachings of the best people in the field….

M.I., Sweden2012 : Very Good. Impressed by Dr Kavouras as an extra teacher, so interesting speaker! Vithoulkas is as always wonderful! The combination of both Vithoulkas' physical thougths and Kavouras knowledge is really good!


C.A., UK 2012: I thoroughly enjoyed Jorgos Kavouras' cases with complex pathology and allopathic pictures and how to practice in these difficult situations……..


C.B., UK 2012 : This is my first time in Alonissos. I have enjoyed all aspects of the course and the surroundings. Of course the lectures were all massively informative but I particularly enjoyed the depth of Jorgos' cases and the Homeopathy-Allopathy theme. Really useful and always delivered with commitment and humour….

L.B. Israel 2012: The course was wonderful! I enjoyed it very much! I learned a lot. The way of teaching of G.Vithoulkas and J.Kavouras was very clear, simple and very interesting. Thank you very much for this experience! Hope to be here next year!

S.H., Slovakia 2012: GV is great as always. This year I especially enjoyed becuase of teaching of Jorgos Kavouras. I liked his teaching so much. As a teacher he is great. He has so interesting cases and his way of explaining the questions is very good.I consider him as very warm hearted person with good connection with his students. As always I learned a lot.

R.H., Slovakia 2012: This is our 3rd year and we still enjoy it:) Especially it was very nice to hear Jorgos Kavouras teachings this year! He is a great teacher and true follower of GV!


D.H., USA 2012: I enjoy Prof.Vithoulkas very much as usual. Dr.J.Kavouras presented very good cases and I like his teachings. I will come back next year.

C.C., USA 2012: Prof.Vithoulkas was great as always. I enjoyed his teachings tremendously. Dr Kavouras came in well prepared and presented intsructive cases. He is a good instructor.


B.S., Sweden2012: Very interesting, important and useful. Besides Prof.Vithoulkas I really appreciated Dr Kavouras teaching with very interesting cases.


.M., Romania 2012: I am very content about this International potgraduate course. Very good organization, Kavouras's video cases very instructive and I like his way of teaching……..

S.H., Sweden 2013: Good mixture with Jorgos Kavouras and George! Thank you for an excellent course!


G.K.F., Sweden 2013: This trip gives me now inspiration for extra work for the Homeopathy! I want to thank Dr Jorgos Kavouras for the fantastic teaching. I have learnt so much. George Vithoulkas is an inspiration for me!


T.B., USA 2013: Very good, loved Dr Kavouras lectures.


J.K.B., Mexico 2013: As always, the teachings of GV are a beautiful heritage for this new coming generation! I learned also a lot by J.Kavouras teachings.


K.S., Greece 2013: It was my first experience with this course. George Vithoulkas is as always amazing but J.Kavouras, as well, was a very good teacher in a different way. I liked the part that the students are from all over the world and we hear different multicultural opinions!


A.A., Norway 2013: I am very pleased with this course. Very informative. The best I have heard from Jorgos and I believe that this combination with Prof.G.Vithoulkas is the best solution I have seen so far. They have very good energy both of them.


L.B.S., Norway 2013: As always very inspiring-both the lectures given by George Vithoulkas and Jorgos. Interesting to hear GV's thoughts of the cases. I liked also that Jorgos Kavouras has the knowledge of allopathic and homeopathic treatment and he shared this!


J.T., UK 2013: The course has raised my awareness about the way to take a case. The system used by George. About Jorgos Kavouras it was most helpful to learn about potency. It was raised my awareness about the need to know the Materia Medica. I would like to come to Alonissos next year.


C.A., UK 2014: Jorgos was given some excellent case analysis with particular emphasis to allopathic medicine and how to treat patients on them simultaneously with homeopathy……..


O.L., Romania 2014: Very well organized course, friendly atmosphere, open and academic at the same time. Prof.Vithoulkas it is an extraordinary shape with his genius and generosity, he gives every day huge lessons in Homeopathy but also for life and love for the creation and the CREATOR. Prof. Jorgos Kavouras: very well selected clinical cases, very professional in taking cases, remedy selection and therapeutical strategies. Very interesting are the explanation for the pathology and differential diagnosis of the remedies. Very well managed acute cases and well explained, he is a very good teacher.


A.G., Romania 2014: I have come for this course since 2004 and every year I feel blessed learning so much from Prof.Vithoulkas (the unique way of taking a case and making a very thoroughly analysis). He shares with us his life experience in treating patients. I thank God every year for this course. Prof. Jorgos Kavouras teaches me very useful things, he is a very dedicated homeopath and I consider myself very lucky to be able to listen to his life experience in Homeopathy……


M.I., Sweden 2014: It's a very very nice course. I have been for many years and I like the way that Prof.Vithoulkas and Prof. Kavouras are combined.


R.H., Slovakia 2014: As usual, we enjoyed the course more and more I can perceive, that Dr Kavouras is becoming a great homeopath and teacher and I believe that he could become a true follower of Prof. Vithoulkas. His deep understanding of human being is impressive and I wish him good luck because I strongly believe that healthy people can treat patients. A successful prescriber should be healthy on all levels, have the right belief and understanding of a human system with all its complexity.


I. G., Greece 2014: Rewarding and inspiring. It is so exciting to share the noble passion for Homeopathy from a great Master as Prof.Vithoulkas as well as the humor and dedication to Homeopathy of Jorgos Kavouras. Thank you very much both of you. The time really seemed to slip away very quickly.


W.Z., Germany 2014: Overall I found a high level of Homeopathic instruction. Thank you Prof.Vithoulkas and Prof. Jorgos Kavouras!


C.A., UK 2015: I come to this course every year (for past 6 years) and I am still so inspired each time. It’s my passion for true classical homeopathy. I feel so humble to witness such complex cases and I learn so from much every year. I thoroughly enjoy George’s teaching as well as Jorgos and particularly like that Jorgos guide us through the allopathic medicine and pathology. Thank you once again for such a fabulous learning experience!


A.D., UK 2015: Thank you for yet another outstanding course! George’s lessons were as always highly inspiring! Jorgos Kavouras is a great teacher, particularly his knowledge of Materia Medica and all his clinical excursions about pathology are very interesting and informative.  Thanks to the team at IACH for guaranteeing the smooth running of the classes! Overall it was a very positive experience.


M.B., Germany 2015: G. Kavouras is great. Why does he not take life cases for people who do not want to appear on video? It would be a great learning experience for the group. Thank you for this great week.


A.H., UK 2015: Really love this course. ……..I have really enjoyed Jorgos and George teachings….

D.D., ROMANIA 2015: The professor is brilliant, giving us more insights into the way the human organism functions. The cases are very challenging but Vithoulkas “digest” them for us. I liked very much the way J. Kavouras presents the homeopathic theory. Thank you for the wonderful days!


J.D., CZECH REPUBLIC 2015: I like this course very much. It is very interesting to see how Jorgos and George practices homeopathy especially live cases.


G.A., UK 2015: Another mazing experience with Professor Vithoulkas and Professor J. Kavouras. This is my 2nd visit to the international seminar and would highly recommend it. My approach to homeopathic case taking and prescription has been improved since I last took part in 2014. I have more satisfied patients………………

P.M., GREECE 2015: Well organized. Very interesting course. Both professor Vithoulkas and Dr. Kavouras transmit their vast clinical experience with humor and vividness.


Y.P., UK 2015: Overall, the course has been exceptionally amazing. Since I’ve graduated the course in homeopathy 2 years ago I haven’t practiced it much. Thus my confidence level dropped. This course enables my spirit up and brought my faith in homeopathy back. Dr. Kavouras lectures were thorough and understandable. Professor Vithoulkas is very much inspiring and passionate.




J.S., UK 2015: Well organized. Extremely well taught. I really enjoyed Jorgos’ lectures- looking at long term case analysis, prescribing and case management in complex cases is food for my homeopathic soul! The live cases and subsequent discussions are excellent and a great for, of teaching. I have wanted to come here for 10 years and this is the first year I have been able to attend. It is well worth the wait. Thank you to George from the bottom of my heart.


P.W., UK 2015: The le­­ctures were fun and challenging in equal measure. Both George and Jorgos are able to make learning a pleasure.

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