Asthma und Dyspnoea

Seminar for Clinical Homeopathy Summer 2018 Geoagiu- Bai, Romania.

Prof. Assoc. (UMFT) Dr. Kavouras

Monday 20. August- Friday 24. August.


Dyspnoea & Lung Disease- Acute prescription.


Prof. Kavouras will show us the different causes for dyspnoea with a special focus on Asthma bronchiale and other pulmonar reasons

for Dyspnoea. The seminar is part of a series of seminars in acute prescribing and emergencies, but will give a focus on chronic prescribing as well.

Live-cases will be taken, as well as new cases and as well as Follow-ups.

Let us continue the good tradition of Clinical Homeopathic Seminars on a high Level.


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